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Cajun Fried Turkeys

Holiday Turkeys


At Old Hickory Inn, where we take pride in providing outstanding family meals, we offer to save families time during the holidays by providing Turkeys, Sides, and Pies for gatherings. We provide turkeys which are all an average of 14+ pounds with the option of being Cajun Fried or Hickory Smoked

The Cajun Fried Turkey is a whole bird thoroughly injected with an in house recipe made up of fresh spices and then fried to perfection in 100% pure peanut oil. The flavor has a slight kick to it yet is tame enough for the entire family to enjoy.

As far as the Smoked Turkey, it is slowly smoked from 12 to 14 hours where all of the flavor is solely absorbed from the use of all Hickory Wood.

Please contact the location nearest you for all inquiries. Due to the high volume of turkeys that we provide every year and the necessity for freshness all orders must be placed in advance with required deposit